corporate laser tag

We’re excited to share that our first laser tag tournament in the Middle East, held in Amman, Jordan, was a big success!

 The event featured 12 teams from different leading corporates, bringing a mix of competition and action to the laser tag arena. With each team proudly representing their company, the tournament, which included 7 players per team (5 males & 2 females), was a fantastic display of teamwork and fun. The positive response to this event fuels our enthusiasm to continue creating engaging and enjoyable experiences for all participants in the future.

current Cup Holder

In 2023, “KABS” secured victory in the Corporate Laser Tag Tournament, showcasing exceptional teamwork and strategy, making them the reigning champions.

thanks to all the teams that participated the tournament

We would like to extend my gratitude to all the participating teams in the Corporate Laser Tag Tournament. Your enthusiasm and sportsmanship contributed to the success of the event, creating a memorable and competitive atmosphere for all involved. Thank you for making it a thrilling competition!


We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our sponsors for their generous support. Your contributions were instrumental in making the Corporate Laser Tag Tournament a resounding success. We are grateful for your dedication to promoting such exciting events. Thank you!






tournament schedule

We organized a competitive schedule that allowed all participating teams to engage in thrilling matches. After fierce battles, the top four teams emerged, with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place positions clearly defined, showcasing their exceptional skills and determination throughout the tournament.

tournament maps


The “Cargo” laser tag map immerses players in a dynamic environment filled with a maze of cargo containers. This industrial battleground challenges participants as they navigate through a labyrinth of containers, creating a thrilling and strategic experience filled with cover and surprise encounters.


Our laser tag map, known as “Mansion,” is a thrilling arena where luxury meets adrenaline-pumping action. Within its opulent walls, players engage in heart-pounding battles, combining the elegance of a grand mansion with the excitement of intense laser tag competition.

incoming event schedule

The event will take place in the zone, over 10,000 m² (1st time worldwide). 

event schedule

No event scheduled for now.

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